Тема урока: Keep warm

  • Алмабекова Мираш Жиеналиевна, учитель английского языка


1) to introduce pupils with the new theme using the new methods;

2) to train pupils to speak, to write correctly;

3) to develop pupils’ speaking, reading and writing skills.

Type: mixed.

Visual aids: a T — chart, cards, pictures; a semantic map.

The procedure of the lesson.

I. Organization moment.

  • Good morning, children. Sit down and prepare for the lesson.
  • Who is on duty today?
  • Who is absent today?
  • What is the date today?
  • Well, today we have an unusual lesson. I divided the class into 3-groups. These cards
    I’ll give you for marks; a happy boy is “5”, a tired boy is “4”, and an ill boy
    is “3”. Pupils, you should try not to be an ill boy.

The new theme.

II. Awaking stage.

— Children, look at this picture.

What do you see in this picture?

— Two friends. – What season is it? -It’s winter. – What are they doing ? They
are riding on the sledges. — How do you think who will catch a cold first?

— The girl who puts light clothes on. — Why do you think so? I think so because she
doesn’t keep warm . The weather is frosty, the temperature is below Zero.

— Well, our theme is Keep warm. At this lesson we are going to speak about
problems and their treatment.

— Children, What season is it now? – It’s winter now. Good, we know that people
have some problems in winter. Here is a T-chart. Write what children should do or
shouldn’t do to be healthy in winter.


Keep warm

Eat vitamins

Dress warm clothes

Drink warm water

Drink hot tea

Drink milk


Eat ice cream

Drink cold water

Dress light clothesGood for you.

III. Play more outdoor games Realization of meaning

— Now, children look at these new words

А) Listen and repeat.

Tired – усталый.

Angry — огорченный.

Happy — счастливый.

Worried — озабоченный.

Cold — холодный.

Ill — больной.

Unhappy — несчастный.

Bored — скучный.

В) The next task is to make sentences using these words:

  • Group A – 2-sentences
  • Group B – 2- sentences
  • Group C – 2 — sentences. Time 3 min.

When I’m happy
When I’m cold,

When I’m tired,
When I’m unhappy,

When I’m ill,
When I’m worried,
Marks for pupils.

— Good for you. Boys and girls now let’s work with this text. This is Asel’s diary.

a) Group A will read the text.

Group B will translate the text.

Group C will do the task True or False.

  1. It was Thursday
  2. She felt fine all day
  3. She slept 8 hours
  4. She feels better today
  5. It’s her favourite book. Time 5 min.

b) Now, you have understood the text. The second task is, I divided the text into 3
passage. Each group will prepare 2 questions, one for me, the 2nd is for pupils of other

Group A – 1 passage

Group B – 2 passage

Group C – 3 passage. Time 5 min

Teacher’s questions:

  1. What day was it?
  2. What was the matter?
  3. What book did she read?

c) Acting. You’ll make up the dialogues using the words on the cards.

Group A – Two friend’s talk

Group B — At the doctor’s

Group C — At the chemist’s. Time 5 min

IV. Reflection. (Round robbin)

Children, I’ll give you the papers, please write down your opinions about
today’s theme. Each pupil’ll write one sentence, don’t copy out. Time 3 min

Conclusion. (A semantic map)



A headache A cough A fever The flu
Drink hot tea

With honey

Go to bed and rest
Take some aspirin
See the doctor
Drink warm liquids
Rub oil on the chest

We finish our lesson with fulfilling the map. Time 3 min

Comment the marks.

Giving the homework ex.7, p. 75.

— The lesson is over. Good-bye, children.

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